Meridian Speedway

If you’re looking for a thrilling racing experience, the Meridian Speedway is the place to be! Established in 1951, this ¼ mile race track has been thrilling fans of all ages in the Meridian area with exciting drag and oval racing events. Located just outside of Boise in Meridian, Idaho, the speedway offers something for everyone – no matter if you’re here to watch or participate in the races.

An Overview of the Meridian Speedway and its Unique Features: The Meridian Speedway features an asphalt oval track that measures ¼ mile long and 60 feet wide as well as a 1/8 mile drag strip measuring 1180 feet long by 75 feet wide. The speedway also boasts an impressive grandstand seating area with a view of the track – perfect for cheering on your favorite driver! Aside from the main racetrack, there are two practice tracks located on site – one ¼ mile paved oval and one 2nd paved straightaway drag strip. When it comes to amenities, The Meridian Speedway has you covered – restroom facilities, concessions stands and a full-service gift shop make up just some of what visitors can find here.

Tips for Visiting The Meridian Speedway: • Buy tickets online ahead of time to save time waiting in line at the gate. • Make sure to review any rules they may have before you come touch – some events may impose additional restrictions such as age restrictions or no pet policies. • Arrive early enough so that you can get situated before races start up!
• Bring sun protection (hats, sunscreen) as well as earplugs because things can get quite loud out on the pavement.
• Although it may seem fun – please do not bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises! This goes against state law and will result in being asked by security staff to leave immediately!

Fun Activities and Events at The Meridian Speedway:

The Meridian Speedway offers a variety of programs ranging from weekly “Family Night” movie nights for kids to Pro-4 Open Wheel Series rallies that attract members from across the country. Fans can enjoy everything from Late Model Stock Car Racing to Vintage Sprint Cars shows throughout their season which runs April through October . Kids 12 years old and younger get into all regular airshows free with a paying adult – how awesome is that? If you’re still looking for more ways to get involved – check out volunteer opportunities or donate items like food, beverages or gifts cards which supports their mission our local community service projects!

The Impact The Speedway Has on The Community:

When it comes to local economy, there are few places as valuable as The Meridian Speedway – bringing employment opportunities and entertainment options into town every year during their season run (April – October). In addition to providing jobs onsite during events, many businesses nearby enjoy increased traffic due to people coming into town specifically for race weekends . This boost helps support local restaurants , hotels , shops , and other services making everyone a winner in this case !   ​

Educational Opportunities Offered At The Track:

How cool is it that younger kids can learn about auto mechanics while getting over an authentic racetrack experience? That’s exactly what children ages 8-17 have access too when they take part in Junior Dragster Program offered at The Meridian Speedway every June through August . Students enrolled in classes receive hands-on instruction within a safe environment designed just for them – learning how engines work , how cars handle different conditions , footwork techniques , advanced driving techniques, and  the list goes on! Plus many past students have even come back later on achieved successful careers within motorsport industry – amazing !

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